April Beauty. Hit, miss or maybe.

Hi all. I’m massively pleased we have finally reached the end of April. The control freak in me has struggled with the confused weather. Whilst loading the washing machine this morning I mused on the contrasting dirties….scrappy tops and jump suits from last week, jumpers and joggers this week. What worries me is how much people use the term ‘heat wave.’ Was last week really a ‘heat wave’ or was it…..summer?????

Not a bad beauty month. 2 HITS, 2 MISSES and 3 MAYBES.


  • Skimono Total Conditioning Foot Mask. £9.99

I pride myself on the fact that if I’m wrong I will hold up my hands and admit I’m wrong. I WAS MASSIVELY WRONG about this product. Having not had a miss in my March beauty post I was pretty certain this product would be a definite miss for April. I mean who honestly would pay £9.99 for a product that probably works just as well as Vaseline and a pair of bed socks?????? ME! The answer is ME. This stuff is TREMENDOUS. My feet weren’t in a that terrible a state but I defo had hard skin on my heels and around my toes. 30 mins with this beauty my feet honestly looked like I had just had a pedicure. This stuff is the bomb. I apologise for prejudging!

  • Skin Chemist 24 hour aqua repair facial serum. £39.99

I really loved this product and have noticed a difference since I have started using it. Firstly I like the fact that it is a gel serum and not a liquid. It absorbs really quickly and has a scent that I like. Secondly I really think it helped with my fine lines. Working in theatre where I constantly seem to be putting make up on or taking it off this really does feel like a treat for the skin and one that I wouldn’t hesitate buying again.


  • Janina Ultra White Activated Charcoal Toothpaste. £7.67

The very fact that today my 4 year old told me her favourite colour was yellow because it is the colour of my teeth make this product a massive miss for me. I have been using this toothpaste for about 5 weeks now but it is obviously not doing a thing. Also if this toothpaste gave me a Pamala Anderson smile I could forgive the little grey dots of toothpaste that are flecked all over my bathroom but it doesn’t so I don’t. Slow hand clap Janina.

  • Skyn Iceland. Glacial Facial Wash. £19.50

I don’t want a face wash that feels like I am pouring acid into my eyes. Who in all honesty has the time to cleanse AND use a separate eye make up remover?!? Not me but if you use this stuff you have to. Get it into your eyes and it cocking hurts. Also face felt all tight afterwards. Fail from me.


  • Janina Ultra White Extra Strength. £10.95

So this is the more expensive version and so far, so good. Not yet at Pamala’s dazzling smile stage but so far signs seems promising . No annoying flecks of toothpaste over my bathroom too which is an added bonus. Teeth defo seem a bit whiter. Husband used it this morning and told me it tasted of pineapple. Obviously his tastebuds are more sensitive than mine as I struggle to taste the papaya and pineapple enzymes but even if I did if this works, it’s a small price to pay for a brighter smile.

  • Vegan by Dr Botanicals. Bergamot and Poppy Seed Smoothing Body Exfoliating Bar. £19.90

I was lucky enough to receive this soap in a beauty box and it was going to go straight in the HIT category until I googled the price which seems pretty steep to me. It is a lovely soap and I love the fact that you can use it on your body and your face but bloody hell it is still a soap. Something I would be chuffed to bits to receive as a gift but not going to buy for myself. Dove still gets my vote.

  • Scent Republik Scent Stik. £4.95

Okay so maybe not one for the sophisticated adults amongst you but for future stocking fillers for your 11 year olds it’s a definite must. Great packaging and easy to apply. Basically this is a pen with the scent infused so you just doodle all over your body. The reason this is a MAYBE is that I did feel that the nib was a little scratchy.

There are three scents to choose from:

Whoosh- raspberry, strawberry and cassis.

Fab- rich praline, sweet vanilla and mandarin.

Chill- marine aqua, apple blossom and citrus.

Probably not the demographic they were aiming for but my 5 year old loves them!!

Anyway that is all until next month.

Thanks for reading.

March Beauty. Hit, miss or maybe

Before jumping in with this month’s products I think it is important that I clarify my headings. Hit-with products in this category they are things I think are absolutely wicked. I may put in products that I have posted about before….this is basically a bullying tactic by me to convince you of the severe hittyness of the hit. Miss – these are products that are pants, crap, rubbish and are things no one should buy. Maybe – these are products which aren’t necessarily bad, but are things that aren’t really suited to me.


  • Flexitol Heel Balm. £5.99

OK, OK this is not a glamourous, bathroom display product but neither is scaly hobbit feet and this stuff will defo banish feet from the Shire. It’s thick stuff. Smear it on at bed time, put on a pair of those not sexy but oh so comfy bed socks and your feet will be delish by morning .

  • Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum. £29.99

This is a really lovely serum that provides results immediately. Firstly , the smell is gorge. It’s one of those really happy, uplifting citrusy scents. It’s a really light texture which you could also use as a primer. It sinks in really quickly and feels like a real treat, particularly when dealing with the crazy weather we have been having the last month. Buy it. It’s brill.

  • Rosalena Rock and Rose Facial Oil. £42.99

Oooooooh bloody hell this stuff is lush. My skin laps it up like my mouth laps up Cadbury’s fruit and nut. It smells amazing….rose, geranium and Jasmin. It contains only good things…no chemicals. Prickly pear oil to encourage collagen, evening primrose oil to help with ageing and grape seed oil to leave skin hydrated. My skin looks brill. Radiant and feels plumped.

  • Oils of Life. The Body Shop. £30

The only downside of this product is it’s stupid name which sounds like something from a kid’s adventure cartoon. Could they honestly not come up with a better name?!?!

Anyway, name aside, this is a really lovely facial oil. I use it at night after a serum and my skin definitely feels nourished in the morning .


  • Moa Fortifying Green Bath Potion. £4.00 for a 10ml ‘shot’ or £28.00 for 100ml

I began writing this post just after I had poured my ‘shot’ of potion into the water. Immediately I could smell the peppermint and my sinuses felt clearer. I had also been for a run today and my legs felt invigorated after this bath. Why it is only a maybe is because I am a lady who likes her bath bubbly. I don’t really want to feel invigorated after a bath, I want to feel moisturised by tons of luxurious bubbles.

  • Korres White Tea Facial Fluid Gel Cleanser. £15.00

This seemed to do the job. My make-up came off effectively and my skin wasn’t tight afterwards. I thought it was really nightly scented and £15 is quite a lot to spend on a cleanser in my opinion.

Quite a positive month all in all. No Misses and a few hits that I will definitely buy again.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter.

February Beauty. Hit, miss or maybe

How often do you walk into a shop and steer clear of their own named brands??? I have to admit that I do. Wrongly, I assume that own brands don’t have the gravitas and provide the results of specific brands.

This month’s post proves how wrong I have been. Boots has come out top trumps. Really, really top quality, providing brilliant results at even better prices. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to pay!!!!


  • Boots L;ft Bounce Back Night Re-hydrating Cream. £11.99

Smells absolutely lovely. Thick, velvety and luxurious. Lovely packaging. Feels much more expensive than it is. In the morning my skin was plumped and lush.

  • Boots L;ft Moisturising Day Cream. £11.99

I have nothing negative to say about this. Smells lovely, nice packaging, really moisturising and quirky absorbed.

  • Boots L;ft Buff and Glow 60 Second Polish. £12.99

Top product. Love it. Massage the gel onto dry skin for 60 seconds and it buffs away the dead skin. Use 3 times a week. Skin feels really smooth and definitely looks brighter.

  • Boots Lasting Perfection Foundation. £5.99

I was given this as a freebie from the make up artist at work. To be honest I thought it would be pants so I decided to just wear it on stage. I was wrong. I bloody love this stuff and considering the price it’s a major bargain. Its full coverage which I need. Hides the redness, open pores and dark circles without looking cakey and blends like a dream.

  • Kiko Pure Clean Scrub and Peel Wipes. £5.90

This came as a recommendation from a friend who knows my love of a scrub that SCRUBS. None of these namby, pamby scrubs for me. I like a scrub to buff away past sins. This is such a scrub you can only use it twice a week but by gum does it work. The wipes are double sided. One side is the scrubby side (and it’s really not for the faint hearted) and the other side, wipe over after you’ve scrubbed. No more dull skin for me. And at a bargain price.


  • Origins. Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream. £46.80

Hmmmmm. For the price and the title of this cream I was expecting MIRACULOUS results. I was not as impressed as I felt I should have been. Firstly a disclaimer and it is quite a large disclaimer. I don’t have particularly saggy skin or many lines so maybe I am being unfair. I was sent this to review and so it probably wouldn’t be something I would usually buy. I liked the smell of this cream and I also liked the texture. I just felt that for me, the price of this cream is expensive and to be honest I don’t think it produced better results than the £11.99 cream I reviewed earlier.


  • Clinique All About The Eyes Serum. £26.75

Particularly lovely if you put in the fridge and want a nice, soothing and cooling eye serum. Roller ball feels nice. I just feel that I need something more moisturising.

  • Dr Organic Body Polish Pre Tan Exfoliator. £8.99

Disclaimer. I am not a fake tan fan so I was using this for the sole purpose of a body exfoliator/polish. It was fine. A bit meh. I wouldn’t buy this over a coffee scrub which are literally the best things ever.

Thanks for reading.

January Beauty. Hit, Miss or Maybe.

We are finally out of January…woohooo! What a bitch of a month. It seems to go on and on and just depresses the hell out of me. On the school run last week, I witnessed the last of the xmas tree corpses go to the chipper graveyard. 2017 is properly behind us and it is now time to embark on the daunting thought of 2018.

So what products have I been using this month………


  • Monu Spa. Warming ginger bath and body oil.

Wow! What an amazing smell. Filled the house with the zesty, spicy smell of ginger. Could feel it clearing my sinuses even before I got in the bath. Felt lovely and moisturising.

  • Phil Smith Glam Shine Finishing Spray .

This product is a definite hit from me. Firstly it smells really nice, slightly like the Soap and Glory products. It is a slightly girly, pretty smell but isn’t cloying. The spray dispenses  just the right amount of ‘shine’ to leave my hair frizz-free and not weighed down. Another plus is that the product also has the right amount of ‘hold’ to leave my barnet pretty coiffed.

  • Radox Feel Lively Body Wash

I am a massive fan of this range of body washes. Lathers into really thick, moisturising suds. The smell also really lasts and makes my bathroom smell lush. Brilliant value for money and the bottle lasts for ages.

  • Wunderbrow Brow Gel in Blonde

What a total wicked product. Completely the right colour for me. You basically paint it onto your brows and the hair-like fibers cling onto the skin and hair, creating really defined brows that surprisingly look really natural. This product also really lasts. I have had mine for 6 months now and the tube is still pretty full. It is waterproof but also comes off easily with make-up remover.  Initially I bought a small make-up brush to apply it, but now that my tube is less full, I just use the brush supplied.


  • Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

For me, this product is completely PANTS. Firstly the applicator….eyes, eyelids are so delicate…I do not want to be prodding this stick thing on my eyelids. Primer needs to be in a tube that so you can squeeze the product onto your finger and then GENTLY put on your eyelids.

Secondly, it doesn’t work!!!! Eyeshadow creased almost immediately.


  • Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask

Hmmmmmm. This is a MAYBE for me mainly because I think it is just too heavy for my hair. I have now used it twice. Both times I found that immediately after using it my hair felt a little heavy. Certainly no frizz but just a little heavy. The day after using however, my hair felt brill and I did find that even on my second or third hairwash of that week my hair felt lovely. For me, I think the long term benefits of using this product, outweigh the short term. I also loved the packaging .

The negative for me was the scent. It was a very heavy, cloying wintery smell. Like cloves and spices. Perfect for cold nights but not sure that I want to smell like an air-wick-winter candle in the summer months.

Thanks for reading.

Fave beauty products of 2017

All in all, 2017 was a good year in terms of discovering some products I really like and that I will buy again and again. It was also the year I rediscovered a brand which I had previously dismissed, but more on that later. I cannot speak highly enough of the Latest in Beauty box. This subscription is one where you choose the products. This definitely offers the most value for money as I know I am going to love every product.

Anway, here are my hits of 2017.


1. The Sanctuary Foaming Miscellar Cleansing Water. Mega quick and really effective. 2 pumps on a cotton pad and face all clean. It also doesn’t have that horrid Sanctuary smell which is a total bonus.

2. Suki exfoliate foaming cleanser. https://wordpress.com/post/mecapture.blog/619


Eye Cream

1. Filorga Time Filler

This is one of those eye creams that feels so moisturising. You don’t need to use much but I really feel it works. It’s expensive but since having children, eyecream is definitely worth the money for me.


Face Masks

1. Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy.

2. Lush. Mask of Magnaminty. Really lovely multi-tasker. Deep cleansing and exfoliating but most importantly non irritating. Smells of peppermint but not in a overpowering way. Love the fact you can have a good scrub when you take it off. Skin feels clean and not tight.

Face Scrubs

1. Lush Ocean Salt Scrub. Lovely. Doesn’t smell overpowering and you can use on your body. Quite big gritty chunks so I prefer it as a body scrub. On the subject of body scrubs, I love a coffee scrub. I have been using Bean Body coffee scrubs which you can get from Holland and Barrett. They also mix them with fruity flavours for those of us who aren’t fans of coffee. Disclaimer is that they do make a mess of the shower but they are seriously worth it in the quest of scale free legs.

2. Lancer. The Method Polish. I requested this in my Latest in Beauty box so I only got a sample size. It’s totally brilliant. Lovely consistency, small granules. Then I googled the price. Woah!!! £60. Pricey!!! Will just stick to the sample size I think but it’s bloody good!

3. Facial Polish Omorovicza. I like a scrub to feel like it actually is scrubbing away my aged skin. This is brill and also it’s still hydrating. The little grains of pumice really polish my skin leaving it glowing and smooth. Not unlike Pledge on my dining table.

Facial Oils

1. Monu skin firming Fiji facial oil. I love a face oil. I tend to use it at night under my usual moisturiser. I used to be a fan of the Sanctuary facial oil but I now associate the smell with having my head down the toilet bowl when pregnant. This Monu face oil smells lovely and calming. It miraculous seems to heal dry patches AND calm spots. You’ll wake up feeling youthful and glowy.

Skin Fixes. My kids really struggle with excema. It has been particularly bad this winter with many disturbed night of scratching skin until it bleeds. Rank. I have discovered a few products that help.

1. La Roche-Posay Lipikar. This is almost like lip balm for the face…which is the reason why it’s a hit with my 4 year old. It seems to relieve the itch almost immediately and calms the skin.

2. Oaty Creamy Dreamy. Lush. This product is marketed as a shower cream but we use it in the bath. It is the consistency of watered down clay and unfortunately has that distinctive Lush smell. However the combination of oatmeal and lavender really helps to soothe excema and puts my girls to sleep!!! Bonus!!!

Shout out!

My shout out of the year goes to Lush and make no mistake I am shouting about it. At school drop off the other day, a good friend was telling me that she knew her husband had bought her a lush selection box for Christmas because it was stinking out their bedroom for 3 weeks prior to the big day. She was gutted this was her present. “Seriously, does he think I’m 15?” I understand her thoughts. Lush was a phenomenon when I was 15. We were all mega competitive with our amount of bathbombs and we thought it was the height of sophistication. I admit, I would turn my head in disdain as the fumes of Lush greeted me at Waterloo station . Then I read a review of their Sleepy Body Lotion. This product cleared excema AND put my kids to sleep. Definite hit. This Christmas, my Mother in Law bought me some of the dreaded bath bombs and I was pleasantly surprised how moisturising they were. Anway, next time you walk past the smelliest shop in the world, pop in and buy summat. You may be pleasantly surprised. https://wordpress.com/post/mecapture.blog/137

Beauty Bants

It has been yonks since I updated you on my recent beauty hauls. I think 2018 May be the year I cancel my Look Fantastic box. Someone once told me that you should only subscribe for 6 months as products will start repeating. My issue with Look Fantastic is I often find it quite make up heavy and I think that’s quite risky. I am a bit past experimenting with contouring and nude lips. I know what I like and more often than not, the make up I receive in a beauty box ends up in the fancy dress box.

I stand by the fact the Latest in Beauty box is completely Mega as you choose what you want to receive so no nasty make up surprises.

Anyway here are a few of the products I have tried in the last few weeks.

1. Rosie Glow Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Really good name for this mask. Colour is a warm, rosy terracotta colour and the smell is definitely rosy.  Didn’t sting as it was drying. By the end of the recommended 15-20 minutes, I resembled an Oompa Loompa. Mask came off easily. I didn’t have to scrub it off. Skin felt very soft. Not dry. Also massive bonus in that I managed to get 3 uses out of this one packet.

2. Look Fantastic Wonderland Bath Fizzer

I don’t need any excuse to have a long relaxing soak with a good book. Was really pleased to see a bath bomb in this month’s Look Fantastic box. It’s a limited edition in a fragrance called blueberry tea. Can’t smell much tea in it…just a lot of blueberry and that slightly artificial grape flavour you find in American drinks and sweets. The blurb in the book said to ‘relax amongst the bubbles.’ There were no bubbles but I am pleased to see bath products making their way into beauty boxes so it’s a thumbs up from me! Also loved the colour of the bath!!!

3. SUKI exfoliate foaming cleanser

Sometimes, increasingly rarely you get a total gem in a beauty box. This came from Look Fantastic. Initially, I smirked at the teeny tiny tester pot but then I opened it and I am crazy excited. First of all, it smells AMAZING. It contains lemongrass and colloidal oat which means it is suitable for sensitive skin. It has the consistency of granulated sugar and foams really nicely. My skin felt, soft and smooth. A 120ml pot would set you back about £33, but this is definitely money well spent. Planning on buying a ton for Xmas pressies. Thank you Look Fantastic for introducing me to this total winner.

I don’t want to get in the habit of slagging off products as like books I feel it’s often very subjective. This scent however, was not for me and I think I have pretty low standards nowadays. I tend to wear perfume that I know my 4 year old won’t steal but even she was unimpressed with this. I want to say if you love smelling like negroni or Campari then this is totally the scent for you. Unfortunately both those drinks make me want to vom so I will not be investing.

Anyway thanks for reading.

This Works!

Anyone who reads my blog will by now have worked out that I am no expert on any of the things I write about. All I know is what I like and what works for me. 

So this is the stuff I need to talk about. Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy. This product is totally wicked and I think it may be that holy grail product that until now has eluded me. This masque has now become a stalwart of my Sunday night pamper. Before having kids my pamper night was Friday to prepare me for the weekend of social gathering which awaited me. Since having kids my pamper is a Sunday to try and erase the ravages of war from my face which comes from a weekend with my children. 

I slather this stuff on my face after a bath and then I get into bed hoping I will get a full 7 hrs on non interrupted sleep. I wake up looking like a goddess. Honestly I do. Skin looks plumped and radiant. By about 8:15 as I’m leaving for the school run I look crap again but between 6:30 and 8:15 I look brilliant. So if you are looking for a full 1hr 45 mins of radiant beauty try this product and you will not be disappointed. I would like to add that if you don’t have 2 nightmare kids and look a lot better than me to begin with anyway, then I would fully expect you to see the results of this masque for longer than 1hr45. 

Jokes aside this really is a fab product.

Anyway thanks for reading!