January and February Beauty Saviours.

Hi all. Can’t believe we are about to start March?!?!? I am just willing the next couple of months to go quickly. I finish work in April and I’m just going to enjoy being pregnant for the third and last time and finally spending some time with my kids and husband. I feel I have been a little absent since Christmas.

Anyway onto the products….apologies for lumping Jan and Feb together but there are some goodies!!!!

  • Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Body Buff. £21.00
  • I felt we needed a sunshiney product for this miserable January. Things don’t get more sunny than this body scrub. For starters it’s yellow. Really yellow. Turmeric yellow….you might need to give the shower a little wash down after using….but it’s worth it. You can either use it on wet skin as a scrub or put it on dry skin and wait for 10 mins…like a mask. If you go down the mask route, defo lock yourself in the bathroom….don’t walk round the house naked like a weird, gritty, yellow monster. After washing off, all that miserable winter skin is gone and you are all glowy and smooth.
    • Pick Glow Tonic. £18.00 for 250ml.

    As a self confessed product junkie, I am definitely guilty of sometimes over-doing the whole skin care routine. I remember having a bit of a game changing facial when I was in my mid twenties and the therapist basically told me off for piling my sensitive skin with too many products in the hope one of them would rid me of spots. This was back in the day before hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and retinol became the beauty buzz words. As a mum of two with a third on the way, I am an advertisers dream. If a product promises younger looking, glowing skin, it is snapped up. Around Xmas time, I decided my poor skin needed a break. It, like myself was stressed, spotty and miserable. Since January, I have pared it down. Just a cleanse, tone and moisturise….like the good old days. No peels, no heavy duty serums and only a once a week face masque. Going cold turkey is miserable for the product junkie in me, but my skin is breathing a sigh of relief. It also makes it much simpler to work out which products are working and which aren’t.

    The Pixi Glow Tonic is an game changer. A product that definitely lives up to the hype. Gentle enough to use twice a day, not too harsh and people have commented how good my skin looks. Completely brilliant. Mums, dads, people with no work/life balance….this is the product you have been waiting for!!!

    • Weleda Skin Food. £11.20 Amazon.

    Stressed? Who me???? Cue wide-eyed look, tearing at hair, slightly like Bertha Mason locked in the attic. Actually, right now, the thought of being locked in an attic sounds heavenly.

    Right now, it is the Thursday of half term. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my third child. This pregnancy is ridiculously stressful as I lost a pregnancy at this stage in August 2018. This week has been spent rushing into work to rehearse Merry Widow which opens next week, rushing home to spend some time with the kids then rushing back to work to either do Akhnaten or Boheme. Stressed is not the word. I am Bertha Mason. I feel like I am juggling too many balls and dropping all of them. My skin has taken a total battering. Make-up on, make-up off. I am getting through a serious amount of cleanser and wipes.

    When my skin gets stressed and tired I get horrid, little bumpy spots around my jaw line. It’s hard to resist the compulsion I had as a teenager to just barter them with products that ultimately are going to make it worse. This is where Skin Food comes in. Just cleanse, tone and put this stuff on. It’s pretty thick so a tube will last a while. I think you can also get a lighter version. It smells slightly medicinal…which helps to convince me that it knows what it’s doing. None of your pink, flowery smells here!!! I’m currently storming into work, letting it work its magic…already I can feel my jaw-line-enemies retreating.

    Seriously, busy, stressed people….buy it!

    • Omorovica Balancing Moisturiser. £85.00.

    Yikes!!! I have to admit that when I was gifted this product I had no idea it was quite so expensive. I definitely do not have the cash to spend £85 on ANY product but if I did I would buy this without question. It smells AMAZING. Beautiful lavender which immediately adds to the luxury factor. I can honestly say that I look forward to putting it on just because of the beautiful, calming smell. As a day time moisturiser it keeps shine at bay, keeps my foundation clinging on and clears up my spots. My skin looks tons clearer and the dreaded pores look smaller. I am also wearing it at night but sealing it with a bit of facial oil for an added hit of moisture.

    Really beautiful product. Unfortunately, I don’t think my maternity pay will allow me to repurchase but I can dream.

    Anyway, until next month. Thank you for reading. X

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