September beauty.

Hi all. So goodbye Summer and hello Autumn. From a beauty point of view that makes me happy. Rich creams, facial oils, minimal leg shaving and no fake tan.

September has been a good month beauty wise. Tons of products which I will keep in my routine.


As a frazzled mum of two, I am always on the look out for a product that can work a miracle….basically make me look anything better than shite but, and most importantly, in minimal time. I find hair care an issue. I have short, wavy hair. As a mum, the question is ‘when to wash it?’ Before kids I would have a lush, long, leisurely shower every morning. Now, showering usually involves me getting out half way to put a child on a potty. Occasionally, I have a shower at night but I wake up in the morning looking like I have put my finger in a plug and also I would prefer a bath. The alternative is doing it quickly in the morning, and doing the school run with wet hair. By the time I arrive home, I look like Brienne of Tarth after a particularly bloody battle.

Then I discovered ‘co-washing.’ It isn’t showering with someone. It’s basically skipping shampoo and using only conditioner. For the last week I have been using Noughty 1 HIT WONDER

CLEANSING CONDITIONER – £6.99. It’s wicked. You put it on for 3 mins and wash it off. I thought my hair would feel a bit claggy but it looks basically like 2 day old hair-when it’s not so frizzy and flyaway. I also think that for someone with dry, curly hair that is straightened within an inch of its life, it’s good to give the old barnet a break. So yes, top product, good results and makes showering super speedy!

I am a sweaty lady. I come from a long like of perspiring women. My mum always used to say ‘women don’t sweat, they glow darling.’ Nope she is wrong. I sweat. I am without a doubt the sweatiest mum in the playground. I often combine my moist face with sports gear so at least people think I have come from a hot and heavy work out session. When my Latest in Beauty box arrived with these two treats I thought this might be the holy grail I have been waiting for. This is a brand ‘with active women in mind. With products that work as hard as you do.’ Sports FX cool down primer (£9.99) feels instantly cool when you put it on your face. Sort of like putting Original Mint Source on your face. This feeling lasted until I put my foundation on which was lovely. Can’t say it took the redness down but my skin looked really healthy and radiant. Skin felt a little tacky but bloody hell, not a bead of sweat in sight. It even covered up my bottomless pit pores! The Mist and Fix (£7.99) is just as good. It really is a mist….I seem to have used a lot that are actually sprays which just adds more moisture to my already sweaty and damp face. This is a really light, cooling mist that leaves my skin feeling really hydrated. Brill products that are great value for money.

I am sorry to admit that I have been enjoying one too many glasses of wine in recent weeks. That, combined with my very interrupted nights (snoring husband, coughing youngest daughter and night terrors eldest) basically means I look pretty rough and rancid. So face masks. I honestly haven’t the time or inclination to lounge around with the mud of the Ganges on my face so my beauty treatments have to work when I’m either asleep or they have to be unnoticeable enough that I can wear them on the school run. Yes you read that correctly. I often do a mask on the school run. The Renu Flash Relax Mask (£23.40) is transparent. I smear it on in the morning whilst bribing my kids to eat and then wash it off when I get back from dropping the little darlings off. Defo makes my skin look hydrated and brighter. Next is the Oh-k Sleep Mask (£6.00). The Koreans know the drill when it comes to beauty treatments. Firstly I love the fact that this sachet has enough for at least 6 uses. Smear it on after your usual skincare drill and go to sleep. Skin feels gorgeous in the morning. All dry patches gone. I think it would be brill to take on a flight to prevent air con dryness. Lastly Espa overnight hydration therapy (£37.00). I bang on about this one a lot and that is because it is bloody marvellous. After a night with this on my face I feel tremendous. Skin glowy, dewy and almost like I have had over 6 hrs sleep. It should be a mum beauty staple and it would be the one product I would save in a fire!!!

Morning all. My beauty post this week is a big shout out to Dr Organic. It suddenly struck me that I have a lot of DR O products and I have never been disappointed by them. Easy to get hold of from Holland and Barrett, DR O use natural ingredients which are all cruelty free and vegetarian. The Dead Sea Mineral Face Wash (£8.29) is lovely. It lasts ages and doesn’t make my skin tight. Moroccan Glow Body Polish (£3.00) is a fab grlitty scrub that gets rid of all the scaly bits but leaves skin soft. Snail Gel Facial Serum (£18.99) has left my skin clear and glowy. No snails are harmed 😂 they basically use the mucus. Don’t be put off it really works. My one draw back to this product is it smells of twinnings lemon and ginger tea which takes me back to being in the full throws of hypermesis gravidarum. I get over my aversion to the smell because the serum is so good. Anything that can give this knackered mum a glow for under £20 is a hit in my book.

Thank you for reading and see you next month. See more updates on instagram @ellamkpbooks.

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