July Beauty. Hit, miss or maybe.

Bit of a quick post this month. But 2 good hits….1 so good it will hopefully save you money in the beauty salon.


  • Bubble Sheet Mask. Oh-K. £7.50.

Firstly, big apologies for these truly terrifying pictures. How awful! Please don’t let them put you off this brill mask. I usually bloody hate a sheet mask but this was wicked. As it foams it feels slightly tingly but in a nice way. My skin felt so lovely and soft afterwards and really smooth!!!

  • Julienne eye lash and eye brow tint. £10.99. Amazon

I have been meaning to post this for a while and keep forgetting. As a blonde I bloody love getting my eyelashes dyed in time for my summer holidays. Eyebrows are a different thing. I always say I don’t want them too dark. 10 minutes they tell me and I lie there knowing too well that it’s too long but being too scared to say. Well no more. I can now do my eyelashes and brows in my own bathroom. This stuff has lasted ages and I still have tons. It’s mega easy and to be honest I don’t even bother with the smear of Vaseline or the little paper things. I just whack it on and wait a bit and I am left with lustrous lashes and brows the right shade of brown. Defo give it a whirl!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!

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