June Beauty. Hit, miss or maybe.

Hi all. This was a good month….no beauty misses and the Dove and the Burt Bee’s products I will make sure I always have in my bathroom cabinet.


  • Dove Nourishing Secrets Replenishing Body Lotion. £4.15.

God I love it when something that doesn’t cost a bomb is a brilliant product. This is without a doubt as good as any posh body lotion I have tried. Smells lush, is proper thick and feels really luxurious. During the ball ache months of summer when I am shaving my legs pretty much every day (yawn) I need a really nourishing moisturiser and this proper does the job!

  • Clinique Moisture Surge. £23.00.

I have always had mixed feelings about Clinique. The first time I came across it was in my all girls secondary school. While I was plastering my face with Oxy 10, the sophisticated girls were slapping on Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. Mum refused to indulge her 14 year old with products she could barely afford so I stuck with the Oxy 10 and as a result spent a lot of my adolescence feeling dramatically different. When the time came that I could afford my own magical bottle of lemon coloured gunk, I have to say that it wasn’t the miracle product I hoped it would be.

When my husband came back from the US, looking proud with his ‘posh’ gift of Clinique I have to say I was mildly disappointed. My husband thinks Nivea is posh so Clinique is literally off the scale. But I owe my husband an apology. This pot of pink goo is really good. Almost feel like in consistency, it is both calming and moisturising. It’s particularly lush on a summers day if it has been kept in the fridge. Anyway a thumbs up from me and definitely one for the duty free list.

  • Burt Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil. £10.

So the exciting news is that I’m pregnant again. This will be the third and last baby!!!! In all honesty I am pretty shit at being pregnant. I am not a glower….I am a puker with horrid varicose veins. So far the first 3 months of this pregnancy have been a total shitter. Husband has been away a lot, the kids have been ill and it’s just been pretty rank so I am defo due some pampering. Pregnancy number 1 went well….minimal sickness, copious bio oil, endless naps. Pregnancy 2 was hids…..massive sickness, too ill to give a shit about bio oil, too busy looking after baby number 1 to nap. So I have learned my lesson…body oil is a must!!! This stuff is really lovely and the best thing for me is the smell doesn’t make me want to hurl. It’s really fresh and lemony. My skin laps it up and pregnant or not it is going to stay on my list of top products.

  • Sukin detoxifying clay masque. £11.49)

The only downside to this product is that it smells of almonds which is defo not one of my favourite smells. This tub has lasted ages and it leaves my skin really soft. Really good value for money!


  • Trifle Cosmetics Sugar Pear Sublime Lip Scrub. $17.97 but I have found it for £4.99 on eBay.

Hmmmmmm. There is nothing wrong with this product, in fact it works really well. I also used it as a facial scrub which was really nice. My issue???? Why would anyone buy a lip scrub when you could just use your toothbrush for free and for better results??? I don’t really get it.

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