January Beauty. Hit, Miss or Maybe.

We are finally out of January…woohooo! What a bitch of a month. It seems to go on and on and just depresses the hell out of me. On the school run last week, I witnessed the last of the xmas tree corpses go to the chipper graveyard. 2017 is properly behind us and it is now time to embark on the daunting thought of 2018.

So what products have I been using this month………


  • Monu Spa. Warming ginger bath and body oil.

Wow! What an amazing smell. Filled the house with the zesty, spicy smell of ginger. Could feel it clearing my sinuses even before I got in the bath. Felt lovely and moisturising.

  • Phil Smith Glam Shine Finishing Spray .

This product is a definite hit from me. Firstly it smells really nice, slightly like the Soap and Glory products. It is a slightly girly, pretty smell but isn’t cloying. The spray dispenses  just the right amount of ‘shine’ to leave my hair frizz-free and not weighed down. Another plus is that the product also has the right amount of ‘hold’ to leave my barnet pretty coiffed.

  • Radox Feel Lively Body Wash

I am a massive fan of this range of body washes. Lathers into really thick, moisturising suds. The smell also really lasts and makes my bathroom smell lush. Brilliant value for money and the bottle lasts for ages.

  • Wunderbrow Brow Gel in Blonde

What a total wicked product. Completely the right colour for me. You basically paint it onto your brows and the hair-like fibers cling onto the skin and hair, creating really defined brows that surprisingly look really natural. This product also really lasts. I have had mine for 6 months now and the tube is still pretty full. It is waterproof but also comes off easily with make-up remover.  Initially I bought a small make-up brush to apply it, but now that my tube is less full, I just use the brush supplied.


  • Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

For me, this product is completely PANTS. Firstly the applicator….eyes, eyelids are so delicate…I do not want to be prodding this stick thing on my eyelids. Primer needs to be in a tube that so you can squeeze the product onto your finger and then GENTLY put on your eyelids.

Secondly, it doesn’t work!!!! Eyeshadow creased almost immediately.


  • Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask

Hmmmmmm. This is a MAYBE for me mainly because I think it is just too heavy for my hair. I have now used it twice. Both times I found that immediately after using it my hair felt a little heavy. Certainly no frizz but just a little heavy. The day after using however, my hair felt brill and I did find that even on my second or third hairwash of that week my hair felt lovely. For me, I think the long term benefits of using this product, outweigh the short term. I also loved the packaging .

The negative for me was the scent. It was a very heavy, cloying wintery smell. Like cloves and spices. Perfect for cold nights but not sure that I want to smell like an air-wick-winter candle in the summer months.

Thanks for reading.

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