Fave beauty products of 2017

All in all, 2017 was a good year in terms of discovering some products I really like and that I will buy again and again. It was also the year I rediscovered a brand which I had previously dismissed, but more on that later. I cannot speak highly enough of the Latest in Beauty box. This subscription is one where you choose the products. This definitely offers the most value for money as I know I am going to love every product.

Anway, here are my hits of 2017.


1. The Sanctuary Foaming Miscellar Cleansing Water. Mega quick and really effective. 2 pumps on a cotton pad and face all clean. It also doesn’t have that horrid Sanctuary smell which is a total bonus.

2. Suki exfoliate foaming cleanser. https://wordpress.com/post/mecapture.blog/619


Eye Cream

1. Filorga Time Filler

This is one of those eye creams that feels so moisturising. You don’t need to use much but I really feel it works. It’s expensive but since having children, eyecream is definitely worth the money for me.


Face Masks

1. Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy.

2. Lush. Mask of Magnaminty. Really lovely multi-tasker. Deep cleansing and exfoliating but most importantly non irritating. Smells of peppermint but not in a overpowering way. Love the fact you can have a good scrub when you take it off. Skin feels clean and not tight.

Face Scrubs

1. Lush Ocean Salt Scrub. Lovely. Doesn’t smell overpowering and you can use on your body. Quite big gritty chunks so I prefer it as a body scrub. On the subject of body scrubs, I love a coffee scrub. I have been using Bean Body coffee scrubs which you can get from Holland and Barrett. They also mix them with fruity flavours for those of us who aren’t fans of coffee. Disclaimer is that they do make a mess of the shower but they are seriously worth it in the quest of scale free legs.

2. Lancer. The Method Polish. I requested this in my Latest in Beauty box so I only got a sample size. It’s totally brilliant. Lovely consistency, small granules. Then I googled the price. Woah!!! £60. Pricey!!! Will just stick to the sample size I think but it’s bloody good!

3. Facial Polish Omorovicza. I like a scrub to feel like it actually is scrubbing away my aged skin. This is brill and also it’s still hydrating. The little grains of pumice really polish my skin leaving it glowing and smooth. Not unlike Pledge on my dining table.

Facial Oils

1. Monu skin firming Fiji facial oil. I love a face oil. I tend to use it at night under my usual moisturiser. I used to be a fan of the Sanctuary facial oil but I now associate the smell with having my head down the toilet bowl when pregnant. This Monu face oil smells lovely and calming. It miraculous seems to heal dry patches AND calm spots. You’ll wake up feeling youthful and glowy.

Skin Fixes. My kids really struggle with excema. It has been particularly bad this winter with many disturbed night of scratching skin until it bleeds. Rank. I have discovered a few products that help.

1. La Roche-Posay Lipikar. This is almost like lip balm for the face…which is the reason why it’s a hit with my 4 year old. It seems to relieve the itch almost immediately and calms the skin.

2. Oaty Creamy Dreamy. Lush. This product is marketed as a shower cream but we use it in the bath. It is the consistency of watered down clay and unfortunately has that distinctive Lush smell. However the combination of oatmeal and lavender really helps to soothe excema and puts my girls to sleep!!! Bonus!!!

Shout out!

My shout out of the year goes to Lush and make no mistake I am shouting about it. At school drop off the other day, a good friend was telling me that she knew her husband had bought her a lush selection box for Christmas because it was stinking out their bedroom for 3 weeks prior to the big day. She was gutted this was her present. “Seriously, does he think I’m 15?” I understand her thoughts. Lush was a phenomenon when I was 15. We were all mega competitive with our amount of bathbombs and we thought it was the height of sophistication. I admit, I would turn my head in disdain as the fumes of Lush greeted me at Waterloo station . Then I read a review of their Sleepy Body Lotion. This product cleared excema AND put my kids to sleep. Definite hit. This Christmas, my Mother in Law bought me some of the dreaded bath bombs and I was pleasantly surprised how moisturising they were. Anway, next time you walk past the smelliest shop in the world, pop in and buy summat. You may be pleasantly surprised. https://wordpress.com/post/mecapture.blog/137

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