Friday/Saturday Rants


Hi everyone.

Three weeks ago I was in a terrible mood. I had had one of those mornings where nothing was right. I had battled with both children and my husband, walked the dog in the rain and had my period. I hated the world and I felt the world hated me. I needed to rant. I needed to moan. So I did what every slightly mad person does and put it on Facebook.

My rant was this:

  1. People who say hubby and hollibobs.
  2. Really long hair. By this I mean REALLY long hair.
  3. People who are unable to close their mouths when they are in stand-by mode.
  4. People who talk on their speaker phone when they are on public transport.
  5. People who get on the tube without letting others off.

I know, I know it is controversial and risky putting this on FB but it made me feel better. Tons better. I was almost goading social media into an argument. It was liberating. Well who knew that this post would end up having 68 comments!!! I was flabbergasted. I was amazed and I also felt vindicated. People commented who I hadn’t heard from in ages. People LOVED Friday Rants. Other comments included:

  1. Sunglasses on the tube.
  2. Men who wear hats indoors.
  3. Trump.
  4. Shops that are constantly on sale.
  5. People walking whilst looking at their phones.
  6. People who pronounce ‘pneumonic’ when its ‘mnemonic.’
  7. People who say ‘like’ like all the time.
  8. Starting every sentence with ‘so…’

I honestly felt that I was bringing people together with this 1 day of bad-tempered ranting. I also realised that i was guilty of texting while walking and saying ‘like’ and ‘so’ all the time. This has given me something to work on….to hopefully become less annoying.

Anyway, how exhilarating to discover that half way through the week, people tried to add rants. NO NO NO Friday Rants only happen on a Friday. I don’t want to start a club of Moaning Myrtles. This is a one day a week thang.

So………….(stop it Els). Week 2. 71 comments. Wooohooo. People commented immediately….literally within seconds. Rants included:

  1. Slow moving people.
  2. Online shops when they make ridiculous substitution. ‘No we have run out of milk but we had substituted it with a CBeebies magazine.’ WTF that is an unacceptable substitution.
  3. People who stop right outside the exit of a tube station.
  4. Sweat.
  5. Your and you’re.
  6. Eating on the tube.
  7. Bubs.

Interestingly a lot of these rants involve public transport.

Week 3. 69 comments. Rants included:

  1. Couples who have conversations with eachother on FB.
  2. Parma Violets.
  3. Bourbon biscuits.
  4. The crying emoji being used to express sadness about something really serious.

Interestingly after week 3 people started to say that I should blog about it and maybe record a podcast. I have to say what, in theory sounds an idea which promotes moaning, it is really feel good. I am British. I adore a moan and so it seems does everyone else.

Week 4. Rants have been up for 3 hours and we are already on 64 comments. I have heard from a friend who I was at school with….18 years ago!!!! Rants is reuniting lost friends!!! It is interesting to note that British Rants revolve around people getting in the way (either by being slow, oblivious or, interestingly by being friendly) of where you need to get to. Also public transport comes us A LOT.

Rants included:

  1. Cashiers at supermarkets who start a pointless conversation with you when there is a queue and you are in a hurry. ‘No I do not want to chat about what I do with avocados. I AM IN A RUSH.’
  2. People who stay at the bar after buying a drink so you can’t get near it.
  3. People who stand on travelators. Unless you are elderly, disabled or pregnant WALK!
  4. Hashtags. ilovemyjobnofilter. Todaysoffice.
  5. Trump. (again)
  6. IKEA

Do you think in the Summer there will be less ranting? Do you think when it gets closer to Xmas there will be less ranting? I kinda hope not. So far, it has made me reconnect with friends i haven’t heard from in ages and people are enjoying it.

Happy/Ranty days

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