Winter fixes

Happy Friday folks. 

Just a quick one. This stuff is brilliant. I have been smearing it all over my 4 year old when she is asleep. How is it young children sleep so deeply???? Basically, Edie has really bad dry patches on her face and around her mouth at the mo and she is utterly against putting anything on her face other than MAC Russian Red lipstick. Therefore I am sneaking in to her room at night and basting her in this stuff. All I can say is STUPENDOUS. It’s pretty thick, has the consistency of Vaseline and a little goes a long way but it really does work.
Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Winter fixes

  1. I wish I could do that to my husband, but I’m pretty sure I’d wake him up. He outright just refuses to use any kind of moisturizer even though his skin is SO dry. He’d rather just complain, I think.


    1. Ha that sounds like my husband. I think he still has the same pot of Nivea under the sink that he had at uni…17 years ago!!!


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