Punished by my kids

Is it just a coincidence that when you finally get a night off from parenting, you seem to suffer the wrath of your kids for days?

We had an opening night on Thursday so I went to the First Night party and then on to a bar. I had fun!!! It’s lovely going out with my work colleagues. To these guys I am just Ella. Not Ella with 2 kids, just Ella. It also massively helps that I am still the youngest member of the female chorus and yes I guess that does make me feel young. Well younger!!! Don’t get me wrong, I adore being a mum but I also like the fact that I have an outlet (my job) where for a few hours a week I can not only become Ella again but also a whole load of other crazy characters. On Thursday I was decked out like a Egyptian. 

Anyway, the show went well and I went out to celebrate. Since then, my youngest has come down with the mother of all colds and the RAGE. She has been up since 5 both mornings and unless I am cuddling her and watching nursery rhymes  on YouTube she goes nuts. It’s nice to be wanted and all but the RAGE that is contained in my 22 month old is just ridiculous. 

So having woken up at 5:14 yesterday after only 3 hours sleep, I had to get Edie to school. Of course it was pissing it down. We weren’t allowed on 3 buses as there were already buggies so by the time I arrived at school I was a very sweaty mess. I then sat through Edie’s first assembly. Who knew there were 4 different songs composed about turnips?!?!  My youngest daughter Ceci spent the time growling (yes actually growling like Regan from the Exorcist) at everyone who came near her. The RAGE surfaced. Not only does she growl she actually bats people away with her hand. I try to pretend that she is simultaneously clearing her throat and waving to people but it’s pretty unconvincing . The RAGE continued to bubble. We went to a new playgroup where Ceci continued the throat clearing and waving and then added hitting to the mix which I couldn’t pretend was anything other than hitting so we left. 

Oh Ceci you are one feisty woman. You look like an angel but definitely sting like a bee. I hope this is just a phase. A phase when you are just frustrated because you haven’t got the language you need to communicate. Anyway, until you have those skills, I definitely need more than 3 hours sleep and a clear head to deal with the RAGE.

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