Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Ooooooh it’s a happy day when my beauty box comes in the post. I subscribe to two…Latest in Beauty and Look Fantastic. Latest in Beauty is fab as I can choose the products but Look Fantastic is also a hit as it usually contains a couple of products that I hope will take me out of my make-up/skin-care rut.

This month there are a couple of wild cards for me. The Illamasque Contouring Gel Sculpt looks pretty dark and to be honest I don’t know whether there are enough hours in the day to contour my nose. Also the eyeshadow compact… not usually my colours but I am going to give it a whirl and see how my contoured face and bronze eyeshadow go down on the school run. 

The Eve Lom and Decleor are lovely products which I have tried before and are always a pampering treat to have in my bath bag if we go away. 

Really excited to try the Volumizing Paste. 

Will give you the verdict in a few days.

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