Bastard Bourguignon

    So, in the spirit of recapturing me I have spent an exhausting Saturday cleaning, cooking and looking after kids. Very Stepford Wives in spirit but the reality is that I have greasy hair and something slightly crusty on my leggings. 

    This time last week my husband and I were in Paris enjoying onion soup and beef bourguignon. One of the ideas for this blog was to cook a classic recipe each week and tweak it to create the ultimate. This morning I was all good to go with the bourgignon. I took the meat out of the freezer this morning and discovered that it was a good idea to soak the beef overnight. I also didn’t have mushrooms or lardons so as a result,  the only way the below recipe resembles beef bourguignon is that it contains beef, a whole bottle of wine and it sat for bloody ages in the oven. As a result this is definitely a bastardised bourguignon. 

    The verdict….. 

    I think it’s lush. My 2 year old said ‘more,’ my 4 year old didn’t like it but she only seems to like cheerios and my husband said it was too ‘winey’- I don’t even believe that is actually a thing so I am ignoring him. 


    1. 600g stewing steak
    2. Good slug of olive oil
    3. 1 onion, chopped
    4. 1 leek, chopped
    5. 1 clove of garlic, minced
    6. 1 teaspoon of dark brown sugar 
    7. 2 tablespoons of plain flour
    8. 1 bottle of red wine 
    9. A big squirt of tomato purée 
    10. 3 carrots, chopped
    11. Big handful of pearl barley
    12. 1 bay leaf
    13. 2 pinches of thyme
    14. 1 cube of beef stock
    15. Salt, pepper and a glug of double cream

    Heat the oven to 150C

    1. Heat the oil in an oven proof  pan and brown the meat until it is a rich, dark colour. Take out and leave in a bowl.
    2. In the same pan add some more oil or butter and fry the onion, leek and garlic for 10 mins. Make sure you scrape all the lovely meat remnants from the bottom of the pan to maximise the taste. 
    3. Add the sugar and cook for a further 5 mins.
    4. Stir in the flour.
    5. Add the bottle of wine, tomato  purée, carrots, pearl barley, herbs, salt and pepper. 
    6. Put in the oven with the lid on for 2 hours.
    7. After 2 hours take out and taste. At this point I was told it was too ‘winey’ so I added some beef stock, cream and more salt and pepper.
    8. Put back in the oven for another hour.
    9. Serve the stew with mashed potato and any veg you like. 

    I hope you enjoy this and let me know what you think.

    Have a lovely rest of your weekend.

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