First Post Whoop!!!

Hello World.

The idea for this blog grew from a weekend away with my husband. Its amazing what a full night of sleep does for your inspiration. I woke up in Paris and decided that I was going to do some stuff for me. So far, day 2, going strong. I am feeling pretty pumped.

So why do I need to recapture me? I have 2 kids (4 and 22 months), a dog, a husband and a full-time job with pretty anti-social hours. I have suffered  with depression since I was about 16 and I feel particularly since having children that I have forgotten what makes me me. This blog is for me to take some time to get back to what it is I love and recapture a bit of the old me.

What do I love??? Reading, reading and reading. The buzz and sense of achievement I get from finishing a book is wonderful. Reading gets me out of my head and into someone else’s.

I also love cooking. I love the feeling of cooking for people, sounds cheesy but its my way of looking after people. I bloody love a long, lazy meal with good food, wine and company.

I love a pamper. I can’t really be arsed to lie on a bed and get a massage but I do love products that erase the sleepless nights.

I love the idea of me doing some kind of exercise. I love the idea of eating healthier and maybe doing some exercise. I just don’t want to do it badly enough to miss out on valuable reading and cooking time. Baby steps and I am trying to do 7 mins of exercise a day. I downloaded a couple of apps on my phone and so far (day 2) I have done my exercises.

I mean, to be honest Love Island has a lot to answer for. I want glowy,  20 something skin and the ability to wear those bikini bottoms that go up your arse. I just can’t really be bothered to dedicate anymore than 7 minutes a day to the quest.

So what is this blog going to be about? Let’s be honest it sounds pretty broad. A blog about what I’m reading, cooking, putting on my face and in my mouth (not in a rude way).




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